When The Bolts Aren’t Fastened Properly

Fictional work: Insanity.

Dishonestly, everything’s horrible, I’ve been up to nothing lately. How are you, and what are you dishonestly doing?


How funny you are today, asking these roundabout questions! But fine! I decided to crap post today. To have a conversation with you, my consciousness. Subconscious is an asshole, but only because it never shows up when I invite it, and when it does it’s when I least expect it, it’s annoying! It’s always the dirtiest when I’m not expecting. I’m not doing hygiene or home maintenance at those times. And between shits and all, too! It shows up, eats everything good in the fridge, then complains about how messy my place is! Ugh, it makes me feel bad! What are you honestly up to?

Picture (4)

I have them now, thank goodness, because everything takes longer to arrive in the mail during the holidays. Three weeks to a month for one item to show up in the mail, fuck that! But yeah it’s all here now. Have your teas arrived yet?


Two times so far, and don’t worry about saying it. It’s okay to accept reality, whatever that means to you. I’ve been asked if I’ve got a few nuts and bolts loose in my head, in that exact fashion. I think it has something to do with the fact that no one else talks to themselves. I always thought it was a thing, but as I grew older these things had names and labels that apparently no one wants to own. Has anyone called you you-know-what, recently?


Some just don’t know how to deal with things they understand, and others try to fix what’s broken, only to find out it’s supposed to be that way. It’s natures art, you don’t have to like it.


***All photos and art was created by Augustina Sopon. Just in case that wasn’t obvious 😅😂


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