I did a lot of little, uninteresting things today. I woke up around 8:30 a.m., had noodles for breakfast, but now that I think about it, and feel embarrassed to remember, I also did have a homemade, twisted doughnut. It was from the night before, so it was heavy with oil and not fluffy anymore–I know, gross, but oh well! I ate while watching CNN for the latest news on Irma.

After breakfast, I cleaned up but left the TV on as background noise, turned on my computer, and studied Japanese. I did that for about thirty minutes. Next, I prepared the dirty clothes for washing, but didn’t get to wash that moment because all the washers were taken. I decided to wait it out and cleaned the dishes instead.

After the dishes, I turned my computer back on again, and applied for a seasonal job, because the next few months may turn bumpy, and I want to be prepared. Once I was done with that, I started smacking roaches. One was crawling in front of me. Although the season is beginning to change, it’s still too warm in California to scare the bugs away. I know that bug killing is controversial in the vegan community, but I have the biggest phobia about bugs, I love summer, but so do the bugs; that’s when the weapons come out:the sandals. I don’t like using venom because I don’t like lacing all my furniture with it.

I did that for half an hour until I convinced myself that if I didn’t stop, I wouldn’t get anything else done. I threw the trash, checked the mail, walked Fluffy, and finally check on the washers. They were unoccupied! So I quickly inserted my fare and ran back to get my clothes. Finding washer around this building is like fighting for a parking spot in LA; you need to be quick and prepared for a fight. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been challenged for those washers. I did five loads.

In between washes, I was strumming my guitar; I’m learning through Yousician. Once I was done washing and drying, I folded my clothes.

My brother decided to bring her girlfriend, which I’m never excited about, actually, I didn’t want her her longer than thirty minutes, but here they are still, about two hours later. They’re in the living room where my bed is, and all I want know is to go to sleep. Hopefully they’ll leave soon.


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