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Update: Plants

August 18, 2017

August Sopon

I’m really excited about writing this post because I want to announce that my herb plants, Phobos and Bae, are still alive! That’s never happened in my adult life! Ah!!! That or herbs aren’t too hard to maintain or Home Depot sells idiot proof plants!


I did have a routine. Every time a new leaf grew, I would snip the oldest ones off. I watered them everyday and made sure I stuck them out into the sunlight from 10 am to 1 pm because I noticed this is when the sun hit my balcony the most. That’s it, really, but then I noticed a few things that started to worry me.

The soil that I had planted my herbs in were starting to fill with small flies and mushrooms. That scared me, because I wan’t aware that I had the ability to grow mushrooms. Where did they coming from? Why were they growing? Would it hurt my plant? I read several blogs and found out it has to do with the either the soil already contained this fungus or they were affected by spores via airborne, and that I’m watering the soil too much. I also read that they won’t hurt my plant, that’s a relief! I haven’t looking into why my soil has flies in it, but considering my herbs are still alive and whole, I don’t think they’re harmful either.



Bae is going through something. Her leafs closer to the roots seem to be flatter and less shiny. I don’t know if it’s because it has grown leaves over and over, and as a result it starts evolving or devolving into something else. Her leafs are also being ate by bugs, and leave holes all over the leafs. I’m going to have to tend to her more often. Other than that, I’m real happy that they’re still with me.


I still don’t know why they have lived this long since I’ve always treated my former plants the same way? Whatever it is, I’m happy. I haven’t used them in cooking yet, but be sure that a post of me trying will come out soon. I hope to hear from you!

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