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Enjoying Slime, as an Adult!😀

August 4, 2017

August Sopon

In this post, I make and play with slime, as well as explain why I’m obsessed with it at the moment. If you’re not a fan of slime, I’d recommend staying away from this whole post, or at least the video–it’s an attempt at filming and playing with slime.

WARNING: I use glue, shaving cream, and detergent, which are probably toxic, but I would recommend looking into it before attempting anything, other than that, make at your own risk. 

Slime reminds me of when I would play around with my chewing gum as a kid. I loved everything about gum. Depending on the flavor, I loved the taste, smell, and appearance, especially when I would roll it up into a ball. I loved to blow bubbles and stretching it as far as I could before it fell apart.

Things I didn’t appreciate about slime was how it got stuck to my hair when I was playing with it, or on my clothes or the carpet.  If my mom caught me, she’d yell at me and tell me to throw it away! So I was limited to this strangely entertaining experience. Some will be happy to know that I don’t chew gum as often as I did as a child, maybe once a year, if at all, and I don’t play with it anymore.


I remember being put in this position as a child where I had to guard a roll of bubble gum for a neighborhood girl, while she went to the bathroom. This was at the playground. I don’t remember what our relationship was, but for some reason, she had trusted me enough to leave me with her roll of gum, which was a big no-no! I really wanted this gum, and my mom wouldn’t buy me one because, again, she hated me playing with it. The moment I saw that the girl couldn’t see me anymore, I didn’t even think twice, I opened it and took one big bite towards the center, and it fell apart. When she came back, I had already stuffed the whole roll into my mouth, and when she realized what had happened, she yelled so hard that it caught the attention of everyone at the playground. I’ll end this by saying that my mother ended up buying her a new roll, I was publicly shamed, I felt ashamed, and was grounded. I’ll assure you I never did that again, with anyone or anything. She never saw me again after that. I still regret this moment, but it was an eye-opening moment, and it’s only a memory now.

First Slime

Which brings me to my latest obsession, slime. I don’t miss chewing it, but saying I don’t miss playing with it would be a lie. I came about slime on Instagram, it was trending, and I just needed to make it! I tried making slime the first time with borax, but it kept turning into Gak. Gak’s like slime, but stretches at a slower rate and breaks if quickly tugged. I wanted slime! So I chucked the borax aside and used detergent instead. The date on my Instagram post was the first time I successfully made slime. My childhood habit was alive and well, but without being able to chew on it. Actually, I don’t encourage anyone to do that. I was so excited but felt really immature when I saw the lack of excitement in my mother’s eyes. Her adult child, playing with slime? She gave a sigh of disappointment, but she did sit down with me to play around with it. 😂

It’s a good destresser. Just make sure it doesn’t get on your hair, clothing, or carpet because then it’ll just stress you out. The recipe I used does come off clothes and hair with water, I’m not sure about the carpet. I wouldn’t recommend sticking anywhere other than your hands and a hard, flat surface, though.

A drawing of slime

I think I’ll continue to make slime for my own entertainment, but not often. Yes, I do have other matters, responsibilities, and hobbies to work on, other than slime, I swear!

I used detergent, shaving cream, and glue for this recipe. I don’t have measurements because there really aren’t any. You make as much as you want, and experiment how much you’ll need for that amount. I do 50 percent glue, 40 percent shaving cream, and 10 percent detergent, although I went overboard on the detergent in this video. Which is how I’ll end this post. Thank you for reading!



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