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Wierd Dream About A Crow

July 26, 2017

August Sopon

We’ve all had weirder dreams, but this one’s my most current one.

This crow is nothing like the crows from Huckleberry Hound in the story my father read me in Spanish. Huckleberryberry Hound: Huck The Farmer; it featured two crows. Huck and the crows wake as friends, that’s before a bell rings, next they become enemies all until the bell rings again in the evening, then they become friends again. At least, that’s how the story my father read to us went, I’ve never actually watched the original episode. I found a snippet of this episode on YouTube if you want to watch it(, or you can find it on Boomerang. My dream was not about these “corny” crows. It was about this one weird crow, and I say weird because this creature was anthropomorphized, but not like Huck.

I’ll tell it how I dreamt it. I don’t have any sense or recollection of how the dream began, I never do, but I remember looking out through my window and seeing a real crow perched on the rooftop of the neighboring apartment building.


Let’s hold the praise of my artistic skills for later in the comments, please. Thank you. It was grooming itself, just like a regular bird does, but then it noticed me staring at it. It flew to the top of my roof, out of sight, but I could hear it.



Its steps were heavy as if it weighed a ton. As it stopped, I held my ears and kneeled, thinking the ceiling was going to give in, but then it stopped. I looked up and out the window again to see the crow’s break swoop into sight. Then it crawled down and hooked onto the screen of the window I was looking through until it was centered in front of me and spread its wings wide.


The window was closed the whole time, so I felt safe. I got curious and put my hand against the glass directly on top of the crow’s head when the unexpected happened. His beak went through the glass as if it were a ghost, and it began to lick the palm of my hand. After it did whatever it was doing, it flew behind the same neighboring building where I couldn’t see it anymore. Then my dream started to morph into something else not related.

I think it’s funny now that I write about it, but anyone who’s ever slept can tell you dreams, or in my case nightmares, can appear very real even after you’ve opened your eyes. I don’t think dreams could foresee the future or anything hocus pocus, but I think it’s fascinating how my brain, or anyone else’s for that matter, can create these amazing, surreal images in our heads. I’ll write more about my dreams as they come, or not, I’ll see. That was my crow dream I wanted to share, short and sweet? Let me know what strange dreams you’ve had recently.

So now, about my art…


The featured image isn’t mine, but it’s pretty. If you’re the owner, good on you, let me know for credit. The rest of the poopy drawings are mine.

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