Garden Supplies 1

I finally started my vegetable garden, this morning. I’m diving into this blind, but I will improve. I bought the plants last night and the pots and dirt this morning at home depot. My friend recommended that I don’t buy the dirt from home depot because she described it as trash. Well, technically it already is trash, or more like excrement, but I understand what she’s trying to tell me: it doesn’t work. I’m optimistic thought, so I bought a pack, and a few seeds to plant at a later time.


I’ve always wanted a garden, but I don’t have land to plant on, all I have is a balcony that doubles as a storage facility, which is not a good combination considering my mom’s a hoarder and it’s not any bigger and the length of a small rowing boat and the width of an outdoor grill (just for some visual reference) I told myself I’d make it work though, so I bought containers to hold the dirt along with the “trash” soil and started my urban indoor garden! I want to make them live! I can never keep them alive, and I know I’m not the only one, okay! But I will get into gardening for the sake of my new babies(yes, I’m one of those, let me be!). With the help of my brother, I also gave them names…


PhobosPhobos Pot

and Bae (as in BAsil)…

BaeBae Pot

I named my Italian basil plant Bae, I wasn’t too creative today. My brother named the garden sage Phobos, I don’t know why, I asked him, he doesn’t know either, and I pushed him a bit more and he said he heard it was a moon and liked the name.

Like I said I’m going for it, I’ll learn overtime and make Phobos and Bae last long as nature intended. I feel like I was given a creature to take care of, and I must keep it safe! Haha– I’ll keep this updated…


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