Rooftop Movie

I went to go watch moonlight Saturday night, it had me almost crying a handful of times, and made me cry twice. It was emotionally difficult not to cry, considering that I could strongly relate to one of the issues the main character was struggling with: identity.



I watched the movie at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre, who hosted the rooftop theater club. It was a novel experience. It’s definitely not handicap accessible, I had to climb about four, or was it five, I don’t remember, about six flight of stairs to get to the event’s location. The roof’s perimeter was gated, there were lights everywhere, plastic turf, a tented bar and food stand, there was even a water fountain, where I could have refilled my water bottle! I didn’t bring it with me that day, though, for reason I get into later. I came around seven thirty, thirty minutes early, to make sure I got a seat I would feel comfy in, bought a drink to control my cough, and took, as you can sort of tell, a few photos. I decided not to record a lot only because I didn’t have my preferred camera with me, and because I didn’t know you could bring a camera, the same with my stainless steel bottle, I didn’t want to bring them only to be told they were not allowed. I took the bus there, and I wasn’t going to risk anything, anyways! At least not today.


The seats were as novel as the experience and were surprisingly comfortable. We, as in the attendees and I, were lent blankets, which was everything, considering the change of day, and the fact that we were in an open environment, it was nice to stay warm. We all got headphones as well, for the best movie experience, it had volume control and were comfortable. Their were more than a few technical error that took more than a few seconds to correct at the beginning of the movie, but again the experience was novelty, and I would definitely go again next year. I’ll make sure to bring someone with me next time, though. I really needed someone to stand in line and grab the snacks! 😉


I forgot to mention that I went to the Veggie Grill to grab some grub, conveniently around the block, before the event. I don’t have much to say on this today, I got the basic burger. Their are no combos there, I learned. I had to order the drink separately. All in all, a nice place to eat.



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