Up and Coming (1#)

I have projects in development that include a few poems and a short story that will be chopped up and served in several posts. I will start making mini announcements like this to have a flame under my butt to keep me writing. Otherwise, I don’t have a good reason to why I’m being a…

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Anything You Say

Anything you say! Anything you say! As long as it’s reasonable, baby! Reasonable! What’s wrong with you, you ask so brotherly. I don’t feel what was there yesterday. I don’t have ties to you at all anymore. And now that you know, you sing and moan: Anything you say! Anything you say! As long as…

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Whisky By The Window

This is a poem for my mother's exes, all whom had potential, but drank too much to fight their inner demons. I hope my mother finds someone worthy enough for her, before she starts believing she's not worthy enough herself.

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