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I write when there's an audience, and when there isn't.



There are many times where I know I will die hungry, poor, and alone, but one thing I’m really afraid of is not dying, but dying without doing what I want to do when I haven’t even found out what that is yet, and all this because I can’t decide what’s important and what order they should be in. I’ve heard others have the same ordeal, and have heard about how some of them ended up, some different, some very similar to each other, from successful to very grim. 

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Update: Plants

August 18, 2017

August Sopon

I’m really excited about writing this post because I want to announce that my herb plants, Phobos and Bae, are still alive! That’s never happened in my adult life! Ah!!! That or herbs aren’t too hard to maintain or Home Depot sells idiot proof plants! Read more


Enjoying Slime, as an Adult!😀

August 4, 2017

August Sopon

In this post, I make and play with slime, as well as explain why I’m obsessed with it at the moment. If you’re not a fan of slime, I’d recommend staying away from this whole post, or at least the video–it’s an attempt at filming and playing with slime.

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What’s the deal, me?

July 31, 2017

August Sopon

I always thought I was really good at writing English, but recently I’ve been struggling to write and edit everything, from captions on a picture to personal letters; I just feel like written and spoken languages are slipping from my mind. And when I tell myself that I always thought I was really good at writing English,  I like to ask myself when? When was I ever good at English, and what made me think that way? I almost didn’t graduate high school because of it! Read more

Wierd Dream About A Crow

July 26, 2017

August Sopon

We’ve all had weirder dreams, but this one’s my most current one. Read more


May 31, 2017

August Sopon


Garden Supplies 1

I finally started my vegetable garden, this morning. I’m diving into this blind Read more

Grand Papa

May 4, 2017

August Sopon

My uncle and grandfather

My Grandfather passed away last night around 7 p.m., Pacific time, but in Guatemala it was around 8 pm.  He was 67 years old. Read more

Rooftop Movie

April 28, 2017

August Sopon

I went to go watch moonlight Saturday night, it had me almost crying a handful of times, and made me cry twice. It was emotionally difficult not to cry, considering that I could strongly relate to one of the issues the main character was struggling with: identity. Read more